Jr. Chef Central Healthy Cooking Assemblies

In 2009 Jr. Chef Central began a partnership with the Elk Grove Unified School District to provide Healthy Cooking Assemblies in 15 of its elementary schools.  

In 2014, we are still providing assemblies to sixth grades in 17 schools.  We visit each school 3 times throughout the school year with a new recipe each visit.  It's a hands-on class focusing on knife skills, recipe reading, measuring, nutrition and sanitation.  The assemblies have been a hit since 2009!  The best part is... they get to eat what they make.  Recipes include:

Apple Chicken Pita - Recipe PDF

Ginger Vegetable Stir Fry - Recipe PDF

Black Bean and Corn Pita - Recipe PDF

Asian Chicken Salad - Recipe PDF

Mediterranean Wrap - Recipe PDF

Hummus Dip with Vegetables - Recipe PDF

Starting in late 2013, Jr. Chef Central began an After School Program in the Elk Grove Unified School District.  In the first months of the program, we will visit two Elementary and one Middle school.  Three visits each to the Elementary and 4 visits to the Middle school.  Recipes for our After School Program include:

Southwestern Ranch Salad 

Fruit Spring Rolls 

Let us create a program for your school!  Contact Amanda at info@jrchefcentral.com

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