Jr. Chef Central Culinary Programs For Kids and Young Adults

Culinary Programs for Kids and Young Adults

Jr. Chef Central has reached thousands of kids in the Sacramento Region.  Our classes, camps and school programs are designed to inspire the love of cooking and expose young chefs age 10 - 15 to a variety of culinary techniques, foster an appreciation of cooking at home, and encourage independence and creativity in the kitchen. 

BASIC CAMP   July 9-12, 2018


Everything begins here

This is where they learn the basics: knife safety, kitchen sanitation, menu reading and preparation, nutrition facts & fiction, label reading, shopping on a budget, table settings, dining etiquette and more!

This is a 4 day camp.  Each day is a different session in which we give kids the basic skills they need to cook safely and enjoy it! Our focus is on building kitchen confidence.  

Mornings in Basic Camp (excluding the morning we go to the Farmer's Market) are spent in the kitchen preparing 4 courses which they eat for lunch.  On the day of the Farmer's Market field trip the Jr. Chef's will have a shorter time in the kitchen and will prepare things they gathered at the market for lunch.

Monday through Thursday afternoons are spent in activities and games related to food, nutrition and etiquette. One of the favorite games is Food Jeopardy!

Basic Camp can be repeated!  We use new menus each summer.

Camp Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Camp Location:

The Met Sacramento High School

810 V Street, Sacramento, CA  95818

Cost: $325.00 Includes lunch (they eat what they make), and a personalized apron.

Each camp contains 16 Jr. Chef's working in teams of 4.

Teamwork is another lesson learned in Jr. Chef Camp!

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