Jr. Chef Central Culinary Programs For Kids and Young Adults

Culinary Programs for Kids and Young Adults

Jr. Chef Central has reached thousands of kids in the Sacramento Region.  Our classes, camps and school programs are designed to inspire the love of cooking and expose young chefs age 10 - 15 to a variety of culinary techniques, foster an appreciation of cooking at home, and encourage independence and creativity in the kitchen. 

Dear Parents and Jr. Chef’s,


Our 2019 summer is going to be a special one. We have a new website to start! We’re also adding an additional Chef Instructor to help increase the weeks we have available. Our new Chef is Scot Rice. Chef Scot is the Culinary Arts Instructor at Florin High School and as well as helping us teach an additional week, Chef Scot is allowing us to use his classroom at Florin High. This will be a treat, as it’s a teaching classroom, allowing each team to have their own work space! We’ll have to make a few changes to our usual program. First, our Farmer’s Market day will be on Thursdays and we’ll be meeting at the Florin Road Certified Farmer’s Market at Florin Road and 65th street. Second, we won’t have a large enough space to seat our Parent Luncheon, so we’ll change it up and do an Open House instead. You’ll still be enjoying dishes your Jr. Chef made throughout the week, but we’ll have more variety, smaller plates and your Jr. Chef will be able to show off what they learned during their week.

I apologize, all of these changes meant it took me a little longer to get the schedule out to you. I hope you are as excited for this summer as I am!


Amanda Arnold, Director

Waiting Lists

If the camp week you want has ‘SOLD OUT’ use the links below to sign up on a waiting list.